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Your website is the face of your business. It’s critical to make a good impression. With this in mind, a professionally designed website should be considered an investment.  

Website pricing can vary on price depending on your business requirements - for instance, not every customer needs hosting. Some websites require a database while others do not - these, and many other factors affect pricing.

Your business needs will be reviewed in detail and all pricing is fully discussed and transparent - there are no surprises.

Web site maintenance is purchased in discounted blocks of time - which do not expire. The customer has two distinct advantages to this. (1) They can customize what they need, they do not have to purchase an expensive annual contract. (2) The customer gets what they pay for! If you purchase a 15 hour package, you get 15 hours of maintenance - the time never expires. Maintenance contracts cover web content changes, minor graphic changes, email account maintenance & additions, link updates, text changes & updates, etc. They DO NOT cover web site design changes, navigation changes, new web pages, programming or redesign. Customers may however request design related needs to be applied to their maintenance contract. We reserve the right to have sole discretion when using maintenance time for design purposes. Maintenance fees are non-refundable.

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